Sugar causes cavities. Simple right?⠀

If only things were so simple. Today 50% of kids growing up in the Western world experience decay. With the level of medical and dental care that we have access to, how is that still possible?⠀

Think about what is happening. A tissue that your body has mineralized to withstand hundreds of pounds of force is crumbling. It’s not right, and you don’t observe it in any natural system.⠀

Why? Because if you experience a tooth abscess, chances of survival in the wild are be slim at best.⠀

There’s no second chances with an infected tooth.⠀

So is it just sugar that causes such a thing to happen to our body?⠀

Only recently has broader understanding turned to the fact that sugar is connected to disease all over the body.⠀

These include:
– Metabolic disease⠀
– Heart disease⠀
– Chronic digestive disease⠀

But tooth decay happens first. When we first eat the modern diet, we experience dental disease first. Anthropologists record what human populations ate by looking at the jaw shape and tooth wear.⠀

It’s only when you start to modern humans, you see the rates of decay we see today.⠀

Our modern diet is devoid of the nutrients that fuel the inner immune system of teeth. Sugar depletes these nutrients and drives loss of diversity in the oral microbiome.⠀

Inside teeth are cells that act like ‘SWAT’ cells and form immune reactions, and yes, can heal the structure of dentin. They derive from the same place that immune cells come from, your bone marrow.⠀

Brushing and flossing are only superficial protectors, the real, global population strategy to defeat dental decay is the replenishing the human diet rich in protective factors such as vitamin D – that support the immune system.⠀

To reverse the conditions above, we need to first, learn to eat to prevent cavities. Parents need to understand HOW to prevent cavities in their growing children. If we do, we can change the trajectory of their chronic disease risk, for life.⠀

Here lies in front of us, a critical piece in healing the future generation. Can we do it?⠀

Has your family experienced tooth decay?

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