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OligoScan Progressed Cell Tests

OligoScan is ano

ther method of completing definite wellbeing checks to evaluate an individual’s wellbeing utilizing a high level interaction known as ‘spectrophotometry’.

The test measures:

Mineral insufficiencies (because of diet and food decisions)

Aggregation of substantial metals in the body

Hostile to oxidant levels

As spectrometry checks the cell levels, the test gives the most immediate and quick data conceivable on a patient’s wellbeing. It is essentially quicker and more exact than surveying pee or blood tests. The human body keeps the blood levels adjusted for any longer than cell, hence the lack is first seen in quite a while instead of in the actual blood. That is the reason OligoScan can feature gives that an ordinary blood test can’t.

Advantages of OligoScan

No infusions or blood taking

Torment free

Moment results

More exact than a standard blood test


Incorporates an interview with our Specialist and understanding of the output results

The strategy utilized by the OligoScan to acquire results on the measure of minor components in tissues is the beginning stage to work out any proper medicines.

The most well-known utilization of this information is to see what enhancements would profit the patient to help their wellbeing, essentialness and insusceptibility.

Where the test distinguishes worries about weighty metal harmfulness or hostile to oxidant levels, this can be exceptionally useful in understanding side effects that a patient may have been encountering, like sluggishness, a sleeping disorder or stress. Understanding OligoScan progressed wellbeing test results permits the specialist strange perceivability of what could be affecting an individual’s wellbeing and empowers them to endorse the proper treatment, supplement or way of life changes.

It is energetically prescribed to complete OligoScan spectrophotometry testing ahead of any IV Imbuement medicines (minerals or supplements regulated through an intravenous dribble) – a treatment which is progressively well known in London.


The strategy utilized by OligosScan to get the outcomes on the measure of minor components and minerals in the blood is a quantitative scientific technique comprising of estimating the absorbance or optical thickness of a synthetic substance.

The OligoScan gauges intracellularly for incredibly exact and exact outcomes utilizing a light pillar applied to the palm of the hand.

Subsequent to entering the vital patient’s information the Oligoscan is tenderly pushed on four marks of the hand palm. The scanner estimates the power of the electromagnetic signs of 34 components, after which the smart programming figures the outcomes inadequacies and aggregations and incorporates a complete report.

See an example OligoScan blood test report.

Why have OligoScan?

Initially, OligoScan can assist us with distinguishing supplement and detoxification necessities.

Supplement insufficiencies or amassing of hefty metals in the blood can have an astounding scope of wellbeing results. This implies that OligoScan can be exceptionally useful in patients experiencing normal grumblings, for example,

Skin break out, delicate skin, issue skin


Inconvenience resting

Weight acquire

Feeling sickly

Low invulnerability

Low mind-set

When we comprehend what is happening in your body, it is a lot simpler to offer the correct guidance on treatment

Oligoscan – vitamins and minerals analysis reader 

✅More precise than blood test 

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When will I get results?

Is there any recuperation time included?

What occurs straightaway?

What amount of time does it require?

What will the test report uncover?

Why stress over mineral insufficiencies?

Why stress over hefty metals?

Would i be able to have it revamped?

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